Real Estate Minute

Someone asked me why I don’t focus more on the million dollar plus category in our area. We love selling luxury homes but did you know that ONLY 10 homes sold in Forsyth County/Winston Salem area over a million dollars in the last 365 days? I know that’s crazy. It amounts to $13.5 million-ish in total sales. I personally sold WAY more than that in the last year.

Right now, there is an enormous amount of estate home inventory on the market at a super value. We’d love to help you move up, move down or move out!

Just FYI, we do the same incredible marketing for luxury homes as we do executive homes or first time buyer homes. Our firm has a full-time marketing manager whose job it is to sell our listings and she has a huge advertising budget. It is our sincere belief that our clients deserve our investment in their property and in their lives.

Sellers should interview agents. When you interview agents, ask them what the plan is to market your property. Then call our agents and interview us! We are ready to get your home professionally listed and sold. 
The Head Team, Karin Head Realty