To Survey Property or Not to Survey Property


First a little information on the different types of surveys.  The most common type of survey when purchasing property is a location survey.  This includes the boundaries of a property according to the description in the recorded deed, along with any improvements within the boundaries, such as the house, outside buildings, fences, streets and drives.  A map showing the boundaries and improvements within the boundaries is prepared and any missing corner markers are replaced. It will also address the issue of whether the property is in a flood plain.   Some other types of surveys are topographic surveys, site planning surveys, subdivision surveys, construction surveys and GPS surveys.

The cost of surveys will vary and is influenced by factors including, but not limited to size and shape, density of property, etc.

The only persons who may legally perform a valid survey in NC are those who are actively licensed by the NC Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors.

Why have a survey?  Buyers who order a survey can, for a relatively small price, have peace of mind concerning boundaries rather than relying on the sellers or  third party statements regarding property lines.  As a Realtor, I always recommend to buyer clients that they obtain a survey, but the ultimate decision rests with the buyer or the buyer’s mortgage lender.

Contributed by Carol Hudson

Broker-in-Charge, Karin Head Realty